AmendMAX X-Change 150-OM is a premium soil conditioner that is ideal for amending and improving the exchange capacity of sand based growing mediums.

AmendMAX X-Change 150-OM Soil Conditioner maximises the retention and release characteristics of all soil applied nutrients due to its high exchange capacity. As a result, the response from the applied chemical fertilisers is extended and nutrient loss via leachate is reduced, improving the overall nutrient efficiency gained from applied fertilisers.

Key benefits of AmendMAX X-Change 150-OM Soil Conditioner
  • Very high exchange capacity; perfect for increasing soil CEC
  • Enhances moisture retention in sandy soils
  • High concentration of organic compounds to stimulate microbial activity
  • Good source of major nutrients and trace elements essential for plant growth
  • Ideal for amending bulk growing media
  • Excellent for blending with top-dressing sand in sportsturf situations
  • Fully composted, no odour issues
  • Clean material, containing no rocks or other foreign materials
  • Available in bulker bags or loose bulk
Benefits of the Nutrients available in AmendMAX X-Change 150-OM Soil Conditioner

AmendMAX X-Change 150-OM Soil Conditioner possesses high levels of organic carbon and vital plant nutrients held within a stable, non-leachable matrix of complex humic molecules. These nutrients are in a plant available, freely exchangeable form.

As a premium humate compost containing many beneficial soil microorganisms, AmendMAX X-Change 150-OM Soil Conditioner stimulates the conversion of existing soil residual plant material into organic carbon and humus to further improve growing conditions and the soil environment.

Brand: AmendMAX
Product Form:
Analysis: 2.35% N, 0.42% P, 2.1% K, 0.9% S, 5% Ca, 0.87% Mg plus trace elements
Application Rate: 5-10kg per m²
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