The Groundsman 8120CTM Tractor Mounted Turf Aerator is a simple and compact aerator with a fast and silent aeration mechanism with working depths down to 15cm (6"). This 1.2m (48") swath model can aerate up to 2400 square metres per hour and has a tractor requirement of 18-20HP.

The large diameter modular crank shaft has sealed bearings throughout for durability and low maintenance. The crank moves the tines vertically and horizontally to gain maximum depth with minimum surface disruptiion. Groundsman's elliptical plunge action aeration mechanism is modular and the 8120CTM uses two four arm modules each driven by a 5/8" Oring sealed chain for maximum life and minimum maintenance.

The machine has been designed to confine the soil cores within the swath for collection with GROUNDSMAN'S patented Flexblade Core Collector attachment. Core and collect in one pass. This amazing attachment has a series of plates like shovels linked together to follow the grass surface contours gathering 60% of the soil cores before they land on the ground and the rest are scooped cleanly off the surface. The cores are tipped in a pile when the machine is raised on the aprun. This implement can then draw the row of core pile into one collective pile leaving the surface ready for top dressing and keeping it in play.

The Groundsman 8120CTM Tractor Mounted Turf Aerator is compatible with the full range of Groundsman SC (spigot clamp) holders and a wide range of Groundsman tines. 

Key benefits of the The Groundsman 8120CTM Tractor Mounted Turf Aerator
  • Compact modular design
  • Low maintenance sealed bearing throughout
  • Silent shock absorbing mechanism
  • Minimum surface disruption
  • Core collector attachment
  • Rapid coverage
  • Comprehensive range of tines
  • 24 month factory warranty


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