The Groundsman TMC46 Pedestrian Turf Multi-Cutter 4WD is right at the leading edge of turf cutting technology and supercedes Groundsman's highly successful model TCDRB34.

The Groundsman TMC46 Pedestrian Turf Multi-Cutter is a four wheel drive, high performance, precision sod cutter with the ability to cut very thin accurate fine turf or very thick in the rough. It has a host of features that set it apart from any other turf cutter.

Key features of the Groundsman TMC46 Pedestrian Turf Multi-Cutter 
  • Low hand arm vibration levels (HAV)
  • Rugged build with low maintenance required
  • Extremely high traction ground drive
  • Oil Bath Worm-Gear and Chain Engaging Double Axle 4 wheel drive
  • Precision cutting and consistent depth on rolling terrain for relaying.
  • Comfortable to operate, well balanced with effortless performance in all conditions
  • Rear mounted interchangeable blades for 30cm(12"), 35cm(14"), 40cm(16"), 45cm(18"), 50cm (20") 55cm (22") 60cm (24") cuts
  • De-compact, Mole Drain and Trench to 15cm(6") deep.


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