The Groundsman 345HD Pedestrian Heavy Duty Turf Aerator uses the same heavy duty aeration mechanism as the Groundsman tractor mounting aerators enabling it to work on all surfaces and conditions from sports turf to estates and gardens where stones and even old foundations can be encountered.

This versatile machine accepts the full range of Groundsman tine and holders and with an overall width of 80cm (32") it can access pedestrian gateways/ doorways etc.

Key features of the Groundsman 345HD Pedestrian Heavy Duty Turf Aerator:
  • Robust construction anda low maintenance requirements
  • Simple controls that are easy to operate
  • Adjustable aeration up to 130mm (5 inches)
  • Comprehensive range of tines and holders
  • Suitable for fine turf and gardens
  • Aeration pattern 75mm (3") centres down to 35mm (under 1 1/2")
  • Speed 38m/min (42yds)
  • Coverage 1026 sq m/Hr (1260 sq yds)
  • Pneumatic 13x400x6 Tyres
  • Honda GX200 6.5HP OHV Engine


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