Stamina NOW + Amino Acid tablets are designed to have an immediate effect on water-deficient stressed turf by offering a unique delivery system for the rapid treatment of localised dry spot.

Stamina NOW Tablets are a combination solution delivering a powerful re-wetting agent in conjunction with supplemental amino acids that bolster the turf's ability to respond and re-establish normal function. Stamina NOW Tablets borrow from proven performers in the areas of soil moisture and plant health management, but now is offered in a neat rescue and revitalise package. The product requires only basic application equipment enabling mobility and ease of rapid application.

Key Benefits of Stamina NOW + Amino Acid Tablets
  • Easily and quickly applied using common applicator hardware
  • Designed for rapid remedial treatments of greens and other fine turf
  • Ideal for use during acute stress periods
  • Confers strong recuperative effects from abiotic stress
  • 100% surfactant formulation
  • Excellent rewetting capabilities
  • Improves water penetration and retention
  • Non burn formulation
  • Effective in sand and heavier profiles
  • Proudly made in Australia
How Does Stamina NOW Work?

When turf has experienced a short-term water deficit, many critical processes are temporarily compromised. One of those vital processes is the production of proteins. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins so the addition of amino acids through Stamina NOW tablet at these vulnerable times may assist in the recuperative processes. For example, it can help calm the stress reaction that has occurred, and looks to rapidly move the turf biochemical functions back to a more stabilised position. A combination ‘first aid’ product like Stamina NOW that addresses the soil's ability to wet and retain moisture in zones immediately adjacent to and within the turf root structure, that also offers the building blocks needed for short and long-term recovery processes makes good agronomic sense.

The period 24 hours to 7 days after a genuine water deficit has occurred is a period of great importance for turf health stabilisation. Maintaining soil moisture availability and avoiding further undesirable fluctuations is critical. Studies have confirmed the ability of Stamina Now to retain moisture above a critical volumetric percentage in a manner that is significantly different to untreated controls and better than industry benchmark reference products used in similar ways.

Brand: Stamina
Australian Made:
Product Form:
Application Rate: 1 Tablet for ~1,100-1,500m²
Active Ingredient: 100% non-ionic surfactant + amino acids
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