3D Herbicide is for the control of Mullumbimby Couch and Broadleaf Weeds in Turf as per the Directions for Use.

  • 3D Herbicide is a sedge and broadleaf weed herbicide containing 192 g/L bentazone, 112 g/L MCPA and 19 g/L dicamba
  • It is registered for the control of a wide range of dicot weeds and sedges in a broad range of recreational turf situations
  • 3D Herbicide is very safe on a large number of established turf varieties including couch, Qld blue couch, fescue, carpet, centipede, Kentucky blue and rye grass
  • A key feature of 3D Herbicide is its low odour, schedule 5 characteristics, making it easy to use and safer for use in public environments
  • 3D Herbicide is one of the broadest spectrum broadleaf weed & sedge herbicides available on the market, registered to control a minimum of 12 key weeds
  • 3D herbicide contains dual modes of action for improved performance and resistance management.
Key features and benefits of 3D Herbicide
  • Excellent Sedge Control properties, effectively eliminating underground tubers – Reliable activity on sedges. Excellent rotational option to SU chemistry
  • Dual modes of action, Group C & I – More effective performance. Resistance management benefits
  • Broadest Spectrum Weed Control – Will get the job done on most broadleaf weed species and sedges
  • Low odour, Schedule 5 herbicide – It’s easy to use and safer for use in public environments
  • Effective on both immature and mature weeds – Controls broadleaf weeds at most stages of development
  • Controls tough broadleaf weeds such as Creeping Oxalis and Fleabane – Can effectively be used to target the toughest weeds in your turf management situation
  • Can be used over a range of warm and cool season turf species – Safe on most key turf types on the market. Has proven safety on golf and bowling greens.
Brand: Adama
Group CI Herbicide
Mobility Type:
Product Form:
Liquid (Aqueous Concentrate)
Broad Spectrum
Weed: Bindii, Chickweed, Creeping Oxalis, Dandelion, Docks, Flatweed, Fleabane, Lambs Tongue, Mullumbimby Couch, Sow Thistle, White Clover
Application Rate: 200mL per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 192g/L Bentazone, 112g/L MCPA, 19g/L Dicamba
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