Quali-Pro Twister is a highly effective insecticide for robust knockdown and residual control of Argentine Stem Weevil, Billbug and African Black Beetle in turf. Formulated as a high quality suspension concentrate (SC) , Quali-Pro Twister is a unique insecticide co-formulation of Indoxacarb 320g/L and Novaluron 80g/L to provide:

  • Rapid knockdown of both adults and larvae
  • Residual in the soil and translaminar through plant
Introducing Novaluron: A new mode of action in Australian Turf Management

Novaluron is a benzoylurea insect growth regulator that inhibits chitin synthesis in the larvae of target pests.

Chitin is a key structural component of the cuticle of insects. Depending on the growth stage, reduced chitin production causes abnormal development and larval mortality, disrupts metamorphosis and reduces emergence of adults.

Due to its mode of action, novaluron is slower to control pests. However the long residual activity of novaluron is particularly effective when combined with a partner insecticide with more rapid activity, such as indoxacarb.

Key information about novaluron:

  • As the larvae grows to the next stage of its life cycle, it dies
  • Treated larvae never get to adult stage to lay any more eggs
  • Absorbed through the cuticle (skin) and ingested
  • Residual in the soil and translaminar through the plant

Indoxacarb is an oxadiazine insecticide that inhibits sodium ion entry into insect nerve cells.

Larvae exposed to a lethal dose of indoxacarb usually stop feeding within four hours, with paralysis and mortality occurring after 4–48 hours. Indoxacarb is also effective when targeting adults.

Quali-Pro Twister enables a significantly higher maximum use rate of indoxacarb s-isomer (720 g /ha) compared to solo formulations (187.5 g/ha). This robust high rate provides excellent knockdown and residual control.

Key features of indoxacarb:

  • Rapid knockdown of both adults and larvae
  • Absorbed through the cuticle (skin) and ingested
  • Residual in the soil and translaminar through plant
Combined Novaluron and Indoxacarb

By combining Novaluron and Indoxacarb Quali-Pro Twister brings to the Australian turf market a brand new mode of action new strategy for resistance management of Argentine Stem Weevil as well as Billbug and African Black Beetle.

Brand: Adama
Preventative, Curative
Group 22A Insecticide
Mobility Type:
Translaminar, Residual
Product Form:
Liquid (Suspension Concentrate)
Pest: African Black Beetle, Argentine Stem Weevil, Billbug, Black Cutworm, Lawn Armyworm, Sod Webworm
Application Rate: 3L per ha
Active Ingredient: 320g/L Indoxacarb, 80g/L Novaluron
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