Aqua Dye Blue is a blue lake colourant that helps to improve the appearance of water bodies dramatically. It is efficient and effective in suppressing the growth of algae and preventing the development of aquatic weeds in lakes and water ways.

Key features and benefits of Aqua Dye Blue Colourant
  • Highly concentrated formula – 1L of Aqua Dye treats 5 megalitres of water
  • Highly cost effective compared to powdered competitors
  • Aqua Dye acts as a sunscreen for the water which inhibits penetration of UVA and UVB light, slowing down algal production and submerged aquatic weed growth.
  • It is non-toxic and long lasting
  • Ideal for aquaculture ponds or ornamental/decorative ponds
  • Reduced light penetration cuts down reflection and reduces stock predation
  • Bulk quantities available
Brand: Amgrow
Product Form:
australian agribusiness

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