The Groundkeeper Hi-Lift by AMAZONE is a mounted mower trailed machine with drawbar that offers impressive first-class quality and reliability. A tank capacity from 1,350 l to 3,500 l and working widths from 1.35 m to 2.10 m enable coverage of large surface areas. Above all else, its versatility makes the Groundkeeper the ideal professional machine, be it for mowing, scarifying, mulching or collecting leaves and other rubbish.

  • Versatile across the entire year and in any weather: Scarifying, mowing, mulching or collection of leaves and other rubbish.
  • Work in any weather, as well as on short and long grass – extremely robust and reliable SmartCut exact cut rotor
  • SmartCut exact cut rotor with chevron blade arrangement – for an improved cutting- and collecting quality and for a reduced noise emission
  • Blade change without tools – quick, simple and safe!
  • Large tank capacity and finely shredded cuttings reduce the need for time-consuming emptying
  • High-lift discharge to up 2.3 m – quick and convenient
  • The HorseHopper is also used for picking up horse droppings for good paddock maintenance

Brand: Amazone
Surface Type: Sports fields, golf courses, school grounds
Working Width 1.8 m
Tractor requirement* 30 kW / 40 HP 
Hopper capacity 2,200 I
Weight 950 kg
Dimensions L x W x H (m)     3.3 x 2.2 x 1.58   





* Tractor mounting: the indicated max. horsepower corresponds to the max. permissible output at the PTO shaft

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