FoliMAX NFE is a reliable, highly available liquid iron and manganese turf fertiliser with an Ammonium Stabilised Nitrogen source, designed to correct iron deficiencies, maintain plant growth and enhance turf colour and presentation. The high analysis formulation maximises nutrient output and includes EDTA Chelate Iron Technology for improved plant uptake and tank mix stability.

The FoliMAX NFE guaranteed minimum analysis:

  • Nitrogen (N) as Ammonium Stabilised Technology: 15%
  • Iron (Fe) as EDTA Chelate: 2%
  • Iron (Fe) as Sulphate/Citrate Matrix: 4%
  • Total Iron (Fe): 6%
  • Manganese (Mn) as Sulphate/Citrate Matrix: 2%

The FoliMAX NFE characteristics:

  • pH: 2.0 – 3.5
  • Specific Gravity: 1.30
  • Appearance: Dark brown colour
  • Solubility: Very soluble
What are the key benefits of FoliMAX NFE Turf Fertiliser?
  • High analysis iron and manganese in a plant available form for rapid uptake.
  • High analysis nitrogen carrier facilitates immediate uptake by plant.
  • Nitrogen in an Ammonium Stabilised Technology form for improved longevity and performance.
  • 33% of Iron in an EDTA chelate form for improved plant availability and formulation stability.
  • Excellent tank mix flexibility.
  • Rapid green up response, for improved turf colour and appearance.
  • Flexibility in rates to accommodate differing nutritional and plant health response requirements.
  • Long shelf life - stable and very soluble due to the unique formulation
  • Proudly manufactured in Australia
Iron in turf and landscape plants

Iron (Fe) is the most commonly deficient micronutrient in turf. It is often present in the soil in large quantities, but uptake is restricted by high phosphorus levels, waterlogged soils or very alkaline pH soils. The main function of iron within the plant is the production of chlorophyll. This produces a rapid greening of the turf and landscape plants, making it a desirable practice where colour and aesthetics are important. Iron also increases root growth during the growing season. FoliMAX NFE contains 6% iron, 2% as EDTA chelate and 4% as a sulphate / citrate matrix.

Manganese in turf and landscape plants

Manganese is closely associated with iron in that it is required for chlorophyll synthesis (large component of chloroplast membranes). Thus a manganese deficiency results in discolouration to the turf. Manganese is also associated with nitrate assimilation, enzyme activation and patch disease management in turf. FoliMAX NFE contains 2% manganese, in the form of a sulphate / citrate matrix.

What are the symptoms of Iron and Manganese deficiency in turf?

Iron deficiency is characterised by an interveinal chlorosis of turfgrass leaves and an eventual thinning of the turf. The yellowing (chlorosis) seen on leaves with iron deficiency is due to low levels of chlorophyll. Leaf yellowing first appears on the younger upper leaves. Severe iron deficiencies cause leaves to turn completely yellow or almost white, and then brown as leaves die.

Interveinal chlorosis is also the main characteristic of manganese deficiencies. In very severe manganese cases, brown necrotic spots can appear on leaves. Manganese deficiencies mainly occur on organic soils, high-pH soils, sandy soils low in organic matter, and on over-limed soils. Soil manganese may be less available in dry, well-aerated soils, but can become more available under wet soil conditions when manganese is reduced to the plant available form.

The Nitrogen component in Folimax NFE Turf Fertiliser

FoliMAX NFE contains 15% nitrogen, in an ammonium stabilised form. The Ammonium Stabilised Nitrogen Technology incorporates a nitrification inhibitor called DMPP. This component inhibits the activity of Nitrosomonas bacteria in the nitrification cycle, delaying the transformation of ammonium (NH4) to nitrate (NO3), which is the most plant available form of nitrogen. Therefore during the active phase of DMPP (4 to 10 weeks, depending on soil temperature and soil humidity) the restrained release of nitrogen into an available form steadily feeds the plant over several weeks while significantly reducing nitrogen losses to leaching and volatilisation. This improvement in fertiliser performance results in economic benefits as the turf manager can extract more plant response from the nitrogen applied, as well as environmental benefits through a reduction in atmospheric and groundwater pollution of ammonia.

Brand: FoliMAX
Australian Made:
Product Form:
Analysis: 15% N, 6% Fe, 2% Mn
Application Rate: 200-500mL per 100m²
What are the benefits of the FoliMAX range?
  • Turf specific fertiliser, researched and developed purely for turf purposes.
  • Contains SRN-IQ technology for improved plant utilisation and prolonged plant growth.
  • Utilises Nutrex Delivery Technology designed to enhance foliar uptake.
  • Excellent tank mix versatility. Highly compatible with many other fertilisers and chemicals.
  • Very low risk of phytotoxicity due to its low salt index, even on immature turf.
  • Excellent flexibility in application rates, allowing you to better optimise your nutrition program.
  • Non-corrosive formulation. Will not damage spray equipment.
What is SRN-IQ technology and what does it do?

The SRN-IQ Nitrogen technology is a true liquid, clear urea-formaldehyde solution which has an oily, resinous quality. The SRN-IQ Nitrogen technology has a linear molecular structure, which allows it to be more compact than other slow release nitrogen technologies, and therefore provides it with significantly improved foliar uptake capabilities.

  • Rapid plant uptake
  • Slow release nitrogen
  • Enhanced soil activity
What is NutrexTM Delivery Technology and how does it work?

Nutrex™ Delivery Technology is a novel technology designed to enhance foliar uptake of liquid nutrition products and optimise internal mobility of the applied nutrient. This vastly improves the efficiency of applications of fertilizer formulations containing the Nutrex™ Delivery Technology, resulting in minimal nutrient loss and optimum plant response.

  • Enhanced uptake and nutrient delivery to the plant’s vascular system.
  • Integrated surfactant package for optimised surface spreading, further enhancing foliar uptake.
  • Natural humectants within the formulation prolong drying time on the leaf to extend the uptake window.
  • Improves internal mobility of applied nutrients, getting the nutrient to where it needs to be faster, and with less expense of energy to the plant.
  • Provides a source of energy to the plant as the carbohydrate is metabolised internally.
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