FoliMAX Phosphite+ Turf Fertiliser is a highly concentrated Phosphorus, Potassium liquid fertiliser, containing mono-and di-potassium salts of phosphorus acid (potassium phosphite). This product offers a clear solution that is highly water soluble and rapidly plant available via either the foliage or roots.

FoliMAX Phosphite + can quickly correct K deficiencies, whilst also providing improved plant vigour, health and growth. The addition of Vitamin B1 provides an additional source for root development.

The FoliMAX Phosphite + Guaranteed Minimum Analysis:
  • Phosphorus - 22.25% as Potassium Phosphite
  • Potassium - 42.5% as Potassium Phosphite
  • Vitamin B1 - 1.125g/L
The FoliMAX Phosphite + Product Characteristics:
  • pH: 5.0 – 6.0
  • Specific Gravity: 1.3
  • Appearance: Opaque- Clear liquid.
  • Solubility: Soluble
Key benefits of FoliMAX Phosphite +
  • Readily plant available form of Potassium for overcoming nutrient deficiencies.
  • Sustained release form of Phosphorus over a period of several weeks.
  • Ideal for use as a germination enhancer during the establishment phase.
  • Ideal for use following renovation activities to enhance recovery and plant health.
  • Improves plant vigour, health & growth.
  • Activates the plants own immune defence response to plant pathogens.
  • Contains Vitamin B1 for improved root development.
  • Flexibility in rates to accommodate differing nutritional and plant health response requirements.
  • Manufactured in Australia.
Potassium Phosphites and their role in the plant

Potassium phosphite is absorbed by plants and incorporated into cells as phosphite ions. The fact that this ion has one less oxygen atom than phosphate means that it does not act in the same manner as phosphate in plants.

Although the phosphite ion can be transported into plant cells, it does not appear to be involved in any phase of phosphorus metabolism. Over time, phosphites can be converted by bacteria to phosphate in soil, where it can be taken up and metabolized by plants.

Potassium phosphites have also been proven to assist in improving plant health, particularly during stressful growing conditions and particularly in turf. In particular, phosphites have been shown to activate the plant’s own immune defence responses to suppress growth of certain plant pathogens.

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 is produced in the foliage of plants and transported down to the root system where it has an effect on root growth and development. Vitamin B1 can assist at any time in a plant’s life with root regeneration where the root system has been damaged or stressed through high salinity, pathogen activity or nutrient deficiencies and toxicities. Use of Vitamin B1 is seen as a ‘back up’ or ‘insurance policy’ as it is difficult to determine if a plant which has come under stress is capable of producing sufficient Vitamin B1 to send down to the root system to assist in cell development.

Brand: FoliMAX
Australian Made:
Product Form:
Analysis: 23.25% P, 43.5% K+ 1.125g/L Vitamin B
Application Rate: 60-150 mL per 100m²
What are the benefits of the FoliMAX range?
  • Turf specific fertiliser, researched and developed purely for turf purposes.
  • Contains SRN-IQ technology for improved plant utilisation and prolonged plant growth.
  • Utilises Nutrex Delivery Technology designed to enhance foliar uptake.
  • Excellent tank mix versatility. Highly compatible with many other fertilisers and chemicals.
  • Very low risk of phytotoxicity due to its low salt index, even on immature turf.
  • Excellent flexibility in application rates, allowing you to better optimise your nutrition program.
  • Non-corrosive formulation. Will not damage spray equipment.
What is SRN-IQ technology and what does it do?

The SRN-IQ Nitrogen technology is a true liquid, clear urea-formaldehyde solution which has an oily, resinous quality. The SRN-IQ Nitrogen technology has a linear molecular structure, which allows it to be more compact than other slow release nitrogen technologies, and therefore provides it with significantly improved foliar uptake capabilities.

  • Rapid plant uptake
  • Slow release nitrogen
  • Enhanced soil activity
What is NutrexTM Delivery Technology and how does it work?

Nutrex™ Delivery Technology is a novel technology designed to enhance foliar uptake of liquid nutrition products and optimise internal mobility of the applied nutrient. This vastly improves the efficiency of applications of fertilizer formulations containing the Nutrex™ Delivery Technology, resulting in minimal nutrient loss and optimum plant response.

  • Enhanced uptake and nutrient delivery to the plant’s vascular system.
  • Integrated surfactant package for optimised surface spreading, further enhancing foliar uptake.
  • Natural humectants within the formulation prolong drying time on the leaf to extend the uptake window.
  • Improves internal mobility of applied nutrients, getting the nutrient to where it needs to be faster, and with less expense of energy to the plant.
  • Provides a source of energy to the plant as the carbohydrate is metabolised internally.
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