FoliMAX Strength Si is a unique liquid turf fertiliser containing ideal ratios of silica, calcium and potassium. When applied as a foliar spray, these nutrients are known to work in synergy to strengthen the plant cells, thus hardening the leaf tissue to enhance stress resistance.

FoliMAX Strength Si is the ideal product to apply to the plant prior to the onset of temperature extremes, to strengthen the plant from foliar pathogens or surface traffic, and to enhance surface uniformity for improved ball roll in fine cut turf.

FOLIMAX Strength Si Guaranteed Minimum Analysis:
  • Silicon (Si) as Calcium Silicate: 9.1%
  • Calcium (Ca) as Calcium Silicate: 2.1%
  • Potassium (K) as Potassium Sulphate: 5%
FOLIMAX Strength Si Product Characteristics:
  • pH: 9.0
  • Specific Gravity: 1.23
  • Appearance: Dark Grey
  • Solubility: Not soluble, suspension
Benefits of FoliMAX Strength Si Turf Fertiliser include:
  • Highly concentrated silica, calcium and potassium
  • Ideal tool for increasing turfgrass tolerance to environmental stresses
  • Improve plant tolerance to salinity and poor irrigation water quality
  • Optimise resistance to pest and disease attack
  • Surfactant package included in formulation for optimum spreading and plant uptake
  • Premium formulation made from finely milled calcium silicate
  • Perfect fit for the management of intensively managed sportsturf
  • Improving the quality of the cut and therefore enhanced playing surface
Silica in Sportsturf

Silica (Si) is known to have a vast array of benefits to the physiology of turfgrass. Si plays an important role in strengthening the cellular and intercellular materials. It is taken up by the turfgrass via the roots or foliage, where it is then translocated and deposited into the plant tissues where it plays its role in strengthening the cellular and intercellular structures. This occurs in various locations of the turfgrasses physiology resulting in overall increased strength and tolerance to environmental and pathogenic stresses.

Although Si is the second most abundant element in most soils, plant deficiencies are common. Si is made inaccessible to plants in soils as it is usually present in a complexed form, preventing its availability to the plants. Plants exhibiting Si deficiency usually have leaves lacking rigidity and decreased photosynthetic activity. With added calcium an important nutrient for cell strength and function, greatly increases the wear tolerance and general stress resistance of the turfgrass.

Environmental Stresses

The strengthening of cellular materials within the plant tissues results in many improvements in the plants ability to withstand environmental stresses. When FoliMAX Strength Si is applied prior to and during the summer months it can improve transpiration efficiency thus resulting in optimised water economy within the plant. The result is a turfgrass that can better withstand the vigors of drought and heat. Additionally, throughout periods of drought, prolonged irrigation water can also result from a damaging build up of detrimental salts within the soil. Regular applications of silica have been shown to assist the plant in overcoming the effects of these salts.

When applied prior to and during the winter months, FoliMAX Strength Si can prove just as effective. The synergistic activity of the silica, calcium and potassium results in greater tolerance to cold stresses and a direct improvement in the plants tolerance to frost damage.

Improved Pest and Disease Resistance

Studies have been conducted highlighting the ability of Si to enhance the turfgrass ability to resist infection against pathogens. Most pathogens of turfgrasses infect the plant through the epidermal tissue. Applications of Si assist plant health by strengthening the cell walls in the epidermis of turf roots, stems and leaves enhancing the physical barrier against pest and disease organisms.

The FoliMAX Strength Si Formulation

FoliMAX Strength Si formulation contains 9% Silica, 2% Calcium and 5% Potassium in a readily available form for turfgrasses. FoliMax Strength Si’s formulation, provides excellent absorption and delivery of Si, Ca and K to plants alleviating deficiency symptoms and perfect for the management of intensively managed sportsturf.

FoliMAX Strength Si is the culmination of years of research and development and the result of a colaboration of three industry leading Australian production companies. Like the rest of the FoliMAX range, FoliMAX Strength Si contains premium ingredients to provide Australian turf managers with a premium option for the prevention and correction of silica deficiencies.

Brand: FoliMAX
Australian Made:
Product Form:
Analysis: 9.1% Si, 2.1% Ca, 5% K
Application Rate: 50-100mL per 100m²
What are the benefits of the FoliMAX range?
  • Turf specific fertiliser, researched and developed purely for turf purposes.
  • Contains SRN-IQ technology for improved plant utilisation and prolonged plant growth.
  • Utilises Nutrex Delivery Technology designed to enhance foliar uptake.
  • Excellent tank mix versatility. Highly compatible with many other fertilisers and chemicals.
  • Very low risk of phytotoxicity due to its low salt index, even on immature turf.
  • Excellent flexibility in application rates, allowing you to better optimise your nutrition program.
  • Non-corrosive formulation. Will not damage spray equipment.
What is SRN-IQ technology and what does it do?

The SRN-IQ Nitrogen technology is a true liquid, clear urea-formaldehyde solution which has an oily, resinous quality. The SRN-IQ Nitrogen technology has a linear molecular structure, which allows it to be more compact than other slow release nitrogen technologies, and therefore provides it with significantly improved foliar uptake capabilities.

  • Rapid plant uptake
  • Slow release nitrogen
  • Enhanced soil activity
What is NutrexTM Delivery Technology and how does it work?

Nutrex™ Delivery Technology is a novel technology designed to enhance foliar uptake of liquid nutrition products and optimise internal mobility of the applied nutrient. This vastly improves the efficiency of applications of fertilizer formulations containing the Nutrex™ Delivery Technology, resulting in minimal nutrient loss and optimum plant response.

  • Enhanced uptake and nutrient delivery to the plant’s vascular system.
  • Integrated surfactant package for optimised surface spreading, further enhancing foliar uptake.
  • Natural humectants within the formulation prolong drying time on the leaf to extend the uptake window.
  • Improves internal mobility of applied nutrients, getting the nutrient to where it needs to be faster, and with less expense of energy to the plant.
  • Provides a source of energy to the plant as the carbohydrate is metabolised internally.
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