Thumper is a nematicide & miticide containing the active constituent of 20 g/L abamectin, which acts via contact and ingestion.

It is formulated for the control of couch mite in couch, and soil borne nematodes in turf.

Thumper has limited plant systemic activity but exhibits translaminar movement. Thumper is translocated into leaves and remains for several weeks offering residual control of sucking mites.

Low Smell Formulation

Thumper is a Liquid ME (Micro Emulsion). This makes it a low smell formulation, this is perfect for public places such as; council recreational and passive areas, schools, golf courses and bowling greens.


Benefit of Thumper (Mites)
  • Quick leaf penetration to form a reservoir inside the young foliage.
  • Extended control of mites from a single early season application.
  • Long residual period of control.
  • Movement into the leaf for rainfast protection.
  • Effective against all mite leaf feeding stages.
  • Mite feeding and mobility inhibited in 2 to 4 hours
Mode of Action (Mites)

Following application, Thumper penetrates leaf tissue where its translaminar activity provides extended residual control of mites feeding on both the upper and lower leaf surfaces.

After application Thumper quickly moves into leaves where it remains for several weeks and is taken up by sucking mites.

Foliage feeding mites ingest Thumper, this affects their nervous system.

Shortly after exposure, the pest stops feeding, becomes irreversibly paralysed and there is no further damage to the plants. Death occurs within a maximum of 7 days.

Application Information (Mites)
  • Good spray coverage is essential. Apply in water volume of 250 - 500L water per ha (2.5 - 5L/100m²)
  • Maintain continuous agitation
  • Delay irrigation for 24 hours
  • DO NOT make applications:
    • When unusually hot conditions are present or expected within 24 hours of application
    • Under poor or slow drying conditions


Benefit of Thumper (Nematodes)
  • A different mode of action for nematode control.
  • Ideal rotation tool from existing products controlling nematodes.
Mode of Action (Nematodes)

The nematode control is of ‘soil active free-living nematodes’, with the nematodes absorbing (by contact) Thumper placed in the soil profile.

Thumper moves into the soil profile and alongside the growing roots thus protecting the plant from nematodes attacking the root system.

Thumper acts as an anthelminthic compound. Thumper has no systemic activity through plant roots (does not translocate through the roots). To ensure control Thumper must be applied evenly through the soil profile with rainfall/irrigation following an application to achieve contact with the Soil Borne Parasitic Nematodes.

Application Information (Nematodes)
  • DO NOT apply to dry soil.
  • Irrigate immediately while leaves are still wet with spray deposit (usually within a few minutes) and apply a minimum of 15mm of water. Regulate the volume of irrigation to avoid the formation of pools and puddles.
  • DO NOT allow spray deposit to dry on leaves before applying irrigation.
  • The addition of a soil penetrant is recommended to ensure an even matrix flow through the soil profile.
  • Avoid application under windy or very hot and drying conditions.
  • Good spray coverage is essential; Apply in a convenient amount of water.
  • A second application is required 14 days after the first application.
Brand: Turf Culture
Curative, Residual
Group 6 Insecticide
Mobility Type:
Contact, Translaminar
Product Form:
Liquid (Micro-Emulsion Concentrate)
Pest: Couch Mite, Nematodes
Application Rate: 10-50mL per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 20g/L Abamectin
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