Striker Van Diemen is a blend specifically designed from independent trial work conducted in Tasmania. Striker Van Diemen is a blend of Barorlando, RPR and Premier 3.

Strong wear tolerance and an ability to stand up to cold winters are a feature of this blend. In part this is from key characteristics coming from the Barorlando and Premier 3 components with recovery and rejuvenation supported by the RPR component. Strong disease resistance is another feature of this blend.

Striker Van Diemen is best suited for sportsfields.

Key features of Striker Van DIemen Turf Seed
  • Blend of three high performing perennial ryes
  • Excellent combination of genetics conferring colour and vigour
  • Cold climate proven performer but still excellent under milder conditions
Key benefits of Striker Van DIemen Turf Seed
  • Fast germination and strong seedling vigour for rapid establishment
  • Strong wear tolerance and spring recovery characteristics
  • Excellent presentation through cold winter conditions
Important Note for WA and TAS Orders:

Due to strict quarantine regulations, please contact us to purchase seeds for delivery to WA or TAS.

If you place a seed order to WA or TAS without the required quarantine certificate, your order may be refunded by our Customer Support team.

Brand: Barenbrug
Surface Type:
Application Rate: 3-5kg per 100m²
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