Pulse is a non-ionic wetter, spreader and penetrant for use as a spray additive for improved penetration of several agricultural pesticides.

This organosilicone surfactant is specifically designed to increase uptake and resulting herbicidal activity on difficult to penetrate weeds including “woody weeds”.

It allows the spray solution to wet even the most hairy or waxy and difficult to wet surfaces, as experienced with many woody weeds.

Pulse Penetrant improves uptake of herbicides into the leaves through stomatal flooding and penetration into concealed places of plant material too hard to reach with ordinary surfactants.

Why use Pulse Penetrant on woody weeds?

Pulse is the adjuvant of choice for use on some woody weeds such as lantana, gorse, blackberries and many others.

Generally, these weeds are hard to kill not because the recommended herbicides don’t work on them, but because standard spray solutions have physical difficulties in penetrating those places where they would be most effective.

Pulse Penetrant optimises the entire wetting of the plant and is the integral ingredient of the spray solution required to spread it where it will work best as well as improving uptake of the herbicide into the weeds.

Key benefits of Pulse Penetrant
  • Excellent unsurpassed spreading characteristics
  • Improves uptake through stomatal flooding
  • Improves efficacy on hard to wet weeds (for example woody weeds)
  • Improved efficacy of cereal fungicides in dense canopies
Brand: Nufarm
Product Form:
Application Rate: 30-20mL per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 1020g/l Polyether modified polysiloxane
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