Bumper 625 EC is a broad spectrum fungicide specifically registered for the control of Spring Dead Spot and Dollar Spot in a range of turf management situations.

Bumper 625 is also registered for the control of stem rust and Blind Seed Disease in Perennial Ryegrass situations as well as Rust in Boronia grown in ornamental situations.

Key features and benefits of Bumper 625 EC Fungicide
  • Concentrated form of Propiconazole. Highest load available in the market – Reduces use rates and packaging waste
  • Systemic movement in the plant providing up to 28 days control – Excellent residual performance that protects the plant from the inside out
  • Economical for large area use – Ideal for treating sports fields, fairways, larger turf areas
  • Possesses both Curative & Preventative Activity – Fits well into a programmed approach for disease control
How to get the best results from Bumper 625 EC Fungicide

For foliar based turf diseases:

  • Spray when conditions are warm and humid. Re-apply treatments at 14-28 day intervals if conditions continue to favour disease development.
  • Use rates towards the lower end of the range as a preventative program and against light infection.
  • Use rates towards the higher end of the range and shorter intervals as a preventative or curative treatment when conditions are highly favourable for disease activity.

For Spring Dead Spot:

  • Apply Bumper 625 EC Fungicide as a soil drench and water in immediately, ensuring thorough movement into the rootzone.
  • Spray in January to March, after renovation and recovery of active growth.
  • Make a second application one month later where infection is severe. It is best not to renovate treated greens until active growth has recommenced in Spring.
  • DO NOT spray in the Spring/Summer period prior to renovation. Bumper 625 EC Fungicide may cause bleaching of the grass after application in late Summer/Autumn and also produce a greening effect in the following Spring.
  • Couch may be slow to recommence active growth in the Spring, particularly in cooler regions. These effects should be allowed to grow out before treating again.
Brand: Adama
Preventative, Curative, Eradicant
Group 3 Fungicide
Mobility Type:
Product Form:
Liquid (Emulsifiable Concentrate)
Broad Spectrum
Disease: Dollar Spot, Spring Dead Spot
Application Rate: 12-24mL per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 625g/L Propiconazole
Mobility Type:
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