FoliMAX Kelp+ Seaweed Concentrate is formulated to assist with stimulating root development, and promoting overall plant health, particularly in times of stress. It is ideal for use in general maintenance, during the establishment phase and for the transport shock in landscape plants.

FoliMAX Kelp+ is a concentrated liquid seaweed extract formulated from premium harvested kelp. 

Key Benefits of FoliMAX KELP+
  • Kelp enhanced technology which stimulates root development and increase overall plant health, particularly in times of stress.
  • Ideal auxin to cytokinin ratio (>150:1) to achieve a positive root response. 
  • Significantly assists in breaking down organic matter within turf and prevent thatch build up.
  • Increase plant resistance to pest and disease.
  • Packaged in Australia.
Why is a liquid Kelp and seaweed concentrate unique?

Liquid Kelp and Seaweed concentrate is a natural and organic extract from marine algae. This type of marine algae has several natural nutrients which makes it very suitable for improving plant health. These key nutrients that liquid kelp and seaweed concentrate includes is natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements which includes iodin, potassium and iron. Benefits nutrients which can initiate root development improve overall plant health and improve plant resistance to pests and diseases.

Auxins vs Cytokinins

Kelp seaweeds contain a number naturally occurring biostimulants, primarily auxins and cytokinins. When applied to plants, auxins are transported down to the root tips causing them to grow. Cytokinins on the other hand are transported upwards from the root meristem to promote shoot growth. From a turfgrass maintenance point of view, it is the auxin effect that is most beneficial. It is important to note that the direct effect from an auxin product application does not come from the total amount of auxins within the product, but primarily from the ratio of auxins to cytokinins along with the amount of available free auxins (ie. free indole-3-acetic acid or IAA). Research has shown that a ratio of greater than 150:1 auxin to cytokinin is required to produce a root growth response in plants. As per the below diagram, a ratio of only 15:1 caused callus growth and a 1:300 ratio (cytokinin dominated) caused shoot growth.

There are both available and unavailable (conjugated) auxins. Plants store conjugated auxins in unavailable forms, that can be converted to available free IAA when there is a plant deficit. However this takes time and energy to hydrolyse the chemical bonds for the plant to then experience the auxin effect. Synthetic auxins added to many products and the majority of the total auxins within a product are in an unavailable form. Natural auxin in the form of available free IAA, and its concentration, are both critical factors to whether an application of a kelp product will trigger an auxin (root growth) response in turfgrass. Kelp+ contains a ratio of >150:1 of naturally occurring auxins to cytokinins which are inherently within the unique Kelp enhanced technology, along with a guaranteed level of 75 ug/L natural free IAA (indole-3-acetic acid). This results in a product that stimulates root development and increase overall plant health, particularly in times of stress when applied to turfgrass.

Brand: FoliMAX
Australian Made:
Product Form:
Analysis: 100% Liquid Kelp (Seaweed)
Application Rate: 100-200 mL per 100m²
What are the benefits of the FoliMAX range?
  • Turf specific fertiliser, researched and developed purely for turf purposes.
  • Contains SRN-IQ technology for improved plant utilisation and prolonged plant growth.
  • Utilises Nutrex Delivery Technology designed to enhance foliar uptake.
  • Excellent tank mix versatility. Highly compatible with many other fertilisers and chemicals.
  • Very low risk of phytotoxicity due to its low salt index, even on immature turf.
  • Excellent flexibility in application rates, allowing you to better optimise your nutrition program.
  • Non-corrosive formulation. Will not damage spray equipment.
What is SRN-IQ technology and what does it do?

The SRN-IQ Nitrogen technology is a true liquid, clear urea-formaldehyde solution which has an oily, resinous quality. The SRN-IQ Nitrogen technology has a linear molecular structure, which allows it to be more compact than other slow release nitrogen technologies, and therefore provides it with significantly improved foliar uptake capabilities.

  • Rapid plant uptake
  • Slow release nitrogen
  • Enhanced soil activity
What is NutrexTM Delivery Technology and how does it work?

Nutrex™ Delivery Technology is a novel technology designed to enhance foliar uptake of liquid nutrition products and optimise internal mobility of the applied nutrient. This vastly improves the efficiency of applications of fertilizer formulations containing the Nutrex™ Delivery Technology, resulting in minimal nutrient loss and optimum plant response.

  • Enhanced uptake and nutrient delivery to the plant’s vascular system.
  • Integrated surfactant package for optimised surface spreading, further enhancing foliar uptake.
  • Natural humectants within the formulation prolong drying time on the leaf to extend the uptake window.
  • Improves internal mobility of applied nutrients, getting the nutrient to where it needs to be faster, and with less expense of energy to the plant.
  • Provides a source of energy to the plant as the carbohydrate is metabolised internally.
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