The world-renowned Verti-Drain turf aerator was invented by Redexim more than 40 years ago. It has changed the method of soil aeration across the world, becoming the ‘must use’ for turf managers in their battle to aid turf growth in challenging environments.

An aeration method uses solid tines to create deep holes into the turf without removing any soil. The Verti-Drain features a unique and innovative heaving action where the inserted tine kicks to gently lift and shatter the soil in a uniform manner to further break up compaction and create space in the soil profile for air, water, and grass plant roots.

Nuturf and Equipment Solutions offer the full Redexim Verti-Drain range:


Verti-Drain Conventional Series

These Verti-Drains are the choice of championship courses and sportfields around the world. With 250mm (10”) or 300mm (12”) working depth the units only require a compact tractor.

  • Redexim Verti-Drain 7212 [RX-7212]
  • Redexim Verti-Drain 7215 [RX-7215]
  • Redexim Verti-Drain 7316 [RX-7316]
  • Redexim Verti-Drain 7416 [RX-7416]
Verti-Drain High Speed Series

These high speed Verti-Drains are fast aerators, running at speeds of up to 4.3km/h (2.75mph). The model 1513 can
be connected to the Redexim Carrier for a self-propelled option.

  • Redexim Verti-Drain 1513 [RX-1513]
  • Redexim Verti-Drain 1517 [RX-1517]
  • Redexim Verti-Drain 7117 Mustang [RX-7117]
  • Redexim Verti-Drain 2519 [RX-2519]
Verti-Drain Concorde

The Verti-Drain Concorde is able to work at a high speed in hard soils, and can take solid tines with a diameter of up to 24mm (1”).

  • Redexim Verti-Drain 2216 [RX-2216]
  • Redexim Verti-Drain 2220 [RX-2220]
Verti-Drain Heavy Series

The heavy series of Verti-Drains are designed to aerate soils up to a full 400mm (16”) deep, with four different models available and a three-speed gearbox that will match any tractor.

  • Redexim Verti-Drain 7516 [RX-7516]
  • Redexim Verti-Drain 7521 [RX-7521]
  • Redexim Verti-Drain 7526 [RX-7526]
Verti-Drain Extra Heavy Series

The heavy 76-series weighs considerably more than the 75-series, containing a heavier gearbox, PTO and rear roller support that are the best choice when soils are really hard.

  • Redexim Verti-Drain 7621 [RX-7621]
  • Redexim Verti-Drain 7626 [RX-7626]
Brand: Redexim
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