The Verti-Quake® de-compacts the soil profile with powered offset blades. The Verti-Quake provides quick and effective aeration and is suitable for a range of different soil types. The blades rotary action, combined with the forward speed created a wave motion to move the ground laterally and de-compact consistently from the top of the soil to full working depth with little playing surface disruption.

Ideal for sports fields, golf courses, schools and contractors.

Key specifications of the Verti-Quake 2510 Aerator
  • Root pruner - remove 6 of the 12 blades
  • Compact tractors requirement 28 - 50hp Cat.
  • 1 & 2 540 PTO required
  • 4WD and creeper gears
  • 1.1m working width, heavy duty
  • 12 x 12.7mm thick blades, 250mm spacings
  • Adjustable working depth to 250mm,
  • 3 point hitch
  • Dry weight 470kgs
Key features and benefits of the Verti-Quake range
  • Fewer moving parts – Low maintenance
  • Unique wave action – Full decompaction
  • Deep penetration – Vastly improves drainage & drought resistance
  • Choice of 2 sizes – The right machine for every tractor
  • Simple design – Ease of operator training
  • Easily adjustable depth control – Adjust in the field without tools
Brand: Redexim
Surface Type: Golf courses, schools and contractors.
Working width 1.1m (43")
Total width 1.28m
Working depth max.     250mm (10”)
Weight 520kg (1146lbs)
Tractor required 25hp, lift cap. 650kg (1430lbs)
Capacity (max) 1510m2/h (16308sq.ft/h)
Number of blades 12
Blade thickness 12mm (0,5”)

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