Landscape Pro Fertiliser is a 22-2-9 coated controlled release nutrient for use on ornamentals, flowering trees (including Australian natives) and shrubs. Plants benefit from having an available nutrient source at critical growth periods. With a release pattern that is governed by soil temperature, the plant intercepts available nutrients and they are not lost to leaching or pose a threat to the environment.

Key features of Landscape Pro Fertiliser
  • Delivers nutrients for up to 9 months
  • Environmentally friendly formulation
  • 100% coated controlled release fertiliser
  • Delivers water soluble plant nutrients that are encapsulated in a high quality polymeric coating
  • Nutrients diffuse slowly and continuously into the root zone
  • Nutrient dumping and unwanted growth flushes are reduced
  • Nutrient release from the polymeric coating technology in Landscape Pro Fertiliser is determined by soil temperature
  • Low level of phosphate is the perfect product for use on phosphate sensitive native plant species
  • Potassium source as a sulphate and will not increase soil salt levels
Product Form:
Analysis: 22% N, 1.8% P, 9% K. 3.6% S
Application Rate: 5kg per 100m²
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