Striker Top Track Annual is a blend of two annual ryegrasses, Fuze and Vortex – specifically designed for Kikuyu racetrack oversowing.

Key benefits of Striker Top Track Annual Ryegrass
  • Australian bred by Barenbrug – giving excellent adaptation
  • Fast out of the ground giving your track quick results before winter
  • Excellent growth in autumn/winter/spring – providing maximum recovery and track presentation
  • Good heat tolerance giving you peace of mind during warm periods
  • Good rust resistance aiding in less unsightly rust spores that reduce track aesthetics
Key features of Fuze
  • Fuze is a diploid annual ryegrass selected for strong early growth, good spring growth and rust resistance
  • It is densely tillered with fine leaves and an upright growth habit. Due to its high tiller density, Fuze is well suited to oversowing Kikuyu racetracks for winter wear
  • Fuze has undergone extensive evaluation in Australia and has proven to be an improvement in this segment
  • Being a diploid also allows for better track and footing performance
Key features of Vortex
  • Vortex is the new and improved replacement for T-Rex
  • Australian bred by Barenbrug, this grass offers excellent adaptation over a range of environments
  • Vortex is a fast establishing annual ryegrass with good recovery over the winter period. Selected for rust resistance and heat tolerance, Vortex is an ideal choice for oversowing warm season species such as Kikuyu racetracks
Important Note for WA and TAS Orders:

Due to strict quarantine regulations, please contact us to purchase seeds for delivery to WA or TAS.

If you place a seed order to WA or TAS without the required quarantine certificate, your order may be refunded by our Customer Support team.

Brand: Barenbrug
Surface Type:
Application Rate: 2-3kg per 100m²
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