Midas Turf Fungicide is extremely effective on all strains of dollar spot, including those resistant to other chemistry classes, and is applied and low volume rates for unsurpassed preventative and curative control of dollar spot. 

Midas Turf Fungicide is formulated as a 500g/kg water dispersible granulate formulation (WG) which is safe on all turf grasses, dust-free and remains in suspension ensuring ease of use and very low volumes. Midas Turf Fungicide is powered by the unique active ingredient, Boscolid and SDHI or arboxamide class of chemistry (group 7). 

Midas Turf Fungicide remains compatible with excessively hard and soft water and with most other fungicides, making it a perfect tank mix partner.

Key features and benefits of Midas Turf Fungicide
  • Dust-free granular formulation – Midas Turf Fungicide is formulated as a 500 g/kg water dispersible granule
  • Unique chemistry – Midas Turf Fungicide contains the unique active ingredient, boscalid (Group 7), which attacks pathogens that cause dollar spot in a unique and highly effective way
  • Applied at very low rates to provide strong residual control – Midas Turf Fungicide controls dollar spot for up to 28 days with a single application on all major turf species
  • Excellent control of dollar spot – Effective against strains of dollar spot that are resistant to sterol inhibitors, dicarboximides and benzimidazoles
  • Preventative and early curative activity
  • Remains compatible with excessive hard or soft water
  • Stand alone or tank mix options
Brand: BASF
Disease: Dollar Spot
Application Rate: 780g/ha in a minimum of 400L water/ha
Active Ingredient: 500g/kg Boscalid
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