Finesse miticide controls mite populations in turf. Using a mite growth regulator, Finesse does not kill adult couch mites, but sterilises adult females, prevents egg hatch, and kills larvae and nymphs as they moult, controlling the mite population before it has a chance to establish. This makes it ideal for use in preventing the establishment of a damaging mite population.

Key benefits of using Finesse Selective Miticide
  • Prevents build up of damaging couch mite populations with early season application
  • Unique insecticide group (10B) making it ideafor rotation in programs to manage resistance
  • Potential for reduced overall program costs byreducing adulticide applications
  • Translaminar movement to ensure distributionto mite feeding sites
  • Soft on beneficials
Application tips for Finesse Selective Miticide
  • Apply when the mite population is still developing and predominantly juvenille (careful monitoring required)
  • If significant adult population is in place an adulticide application should be applied first
Formulation Type:
Liquid (Suspension Concentrate)
Group 10B Insecticide
Mobility Type:
Systemic, Translaminar
Pest: Couch Mite
Application Rate: 200 mL/Ha
Active Ingredient: 110 g/L Etoxazole
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