The Verti-Rake de-compacts the turf surface using thin spring-loaded and flexible tines which scratch through the infill while lifting the turf fibers to stand up like new. The Verti-Rake is ideal to use on those occasions when the turf fibers are become covered by infill due to a variety of causes.

Key features of the Verti-Rake 200
  • The Verti-Rake's spring tines scratch between the turf blades and loosen the thatch so oxygen and nutrients can be more easily introduced into the surface area, resulting in a healthier playing field.
  • The Verti-Rake can also be used to create a seed bed before overseeding.
  • The adjustable tine angle allows for the aggression to be altered while the working depth can be further adjusted for perfect results. 
  • The tines are integrated in a special protection device that will prevent the loss of tines during operation
  • During field construction the Verti-Rake is ideal to work the infill in, while the rakes are pulling the fibers up.

Brand: Redexim
Working width 2000mm (70")
Weight 220kg (485lbs)
Tractor required 18hp
Number of rakes/foldable    168 / no


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