The Redexim Multivator is a unique sportsturf renovation machinery carrying out decompacting and top dressing by recycling buried soil / root zone up to the surface and incorporating back into the root structure, saving time and money from importing materials. Ideal for sports fields, golf courses and contractors.

The specially designed blades lift the soil and leave any unwanted stones buried or a clean finish. A rear drag brush incorporates the soil dressing into the surface.

The Multivator can also be used only as a rotary de-compactor by fitting the optional smooth blades – leaving a clean finish. A seed hopper is also available for a one pass overseeding operation.

Key features of the Redexim Multi-Vator 1800 Medium
  • Can remove up to 45 m³ per hectare at 130 mm working depth due to high blade density
  • Nine durable carbide tipped blades with 200 mm spacing between the blades as standard
  • Optional front knife roller ensures a uniform finish with minimal disruption
  • Close 10cm and / or 20cm blade spacing
  • De-compacts, Recycles and Top Dresses
  • Special carbide faced blades slit and lift soil
  • Depth control via flat skid frame
  • Drag brush incorporates soil into the surface
  • Hook on rear attachment frame
  • Optional blades for de-compacting only
  • Optional seed hopper

Decompact, recycle sand to sandy loam and top dress in one pass. Ideal for sports fields, golf courses and contractors.

Brand: Redexim
Surface Type: Sports fields, golf courses and contractors.
Operation Tractor pulled
Working width (m) 1.8
Working width (inch) 70.9
Max. Working depth (mm) Up to 140
Max. Working depth (inch) Up to 5.5
Weight (kg) 1050 (base machine) 1225 (base machine with hydraulic rearbrush)
Weight (lbs) 2315 (base machine) 2701 (base machine with hydraulic rearbrush)
Number of knives (blades) 36
Min. Tractor HP required 100-150
Min. Lifting capacity 610 mm behind the lifting eyes (kg) 3200
Min. Lifting capacity 24 inch behind the lifting eyes (lbs) 7055
Three-point hitch CAT 1 & 2
Gearbox oil 80W90 - 1.2 (2.3 L) (0.61 gal)
Lubricant EP 2
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