Coliseum allows turf managers to control the various genotypes of Wintergrass & Ryegrass that other herbicides have struggled to manage, and has shown to be user friendly compared to other herbicides in the sulfonylurea family.

Coliseum has very good root uptake and can be washed in one hour after application, which greatly reduces the chance of tracking and damage to non-target areas. Irrigation should be applied prior to foot traffic the following morning as sulfonylureas can reactivate with heavy dews. The irrigation cycles are short to ensure the product is washed off the leaf and to enhance root uptake.

Coliseum has a short soil life of 3 - 7 days, allowing re-seeding 10 days after application. This is ideal if over-seeding of tees or sports fields is required for assistance with winter wear.

Available in 100g and 1kg.

Mode of action

Coliseum is an ALS inhibitor, it disrupts the biosynthesis of the essential amino acids, valine and isoleucine.

Key features of Coliseum Herbicide
  • Post-Emergent Control – Coliseum is absorbed through the weeds roots and shoots, and provides excellent post-emergence weed control.
  • Low Application Rates – Application rates are 75 - 100g/ha, for Winter Grass and 120g/ha for Ryegrass.
  • Effective against all forms of Poa annua – Coliseum is effective against both annual and perennial biotypes of winter grass and is effective against all genotypes of Poa annua even those exhibiting triazine tolerance.
  • Over-Seeding / Soil Half Life 3 To 7 Days – Coliseum allows over-seeding 10 days after application.
  • Excellent Turf Tolerance – Coliseum does not injure or retard spring green-up in couch.
Application of Coliseum Herbicide

To reduce the potential for tracking or offsite movement, short irrigation cycles are recommended just one hour after application and again if dew is present the following morning (the first irrigation cycle should be applied prior to foot or machinery traffic through treated areas).

Brand: Turf Culture
Group B Herbicide
Mobility Type:
Product Form:
Weed: Ryegrass, Wintergrass
Application Rate: 75-100g per ha
Active Ingredient: 250g/kg Rimsulfuron
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