Compel Pro is a unique water-based formulation containing 100g/L of the active ingredient bifenthrin, a reliable and trusted broad spectrum insecticide. It is registered for the control of Lepidopteran pests such as Lawn Armyworm and Sod Webworm and adult stages of Coleopteran pests including Argentine Stem Weevil, Billbug and African Black Beetle in all recreational turf situations. Compel Pro Insecticide is also registered for the control of several ant species including Black Ant, Coastal Brown Ant, Funnel Ant, Meat Ant, Sugar Ant and Stinging Ants in turf situations.

Compel Pro Insecticide is formulated for the control of a range of pests in Turf and Ornamental plants. For the control of a range of urban interior and exterior pests, for the control of mosquitoes, biting midges and flies by forming Residual Surface Treatments on a range of urban interior and exterior situations, for protection of structures from subterranean termite damage and for the control of termites, as specified in the Directions for Use Table.

Available in 5L and 20L.

Key features and benefits of Compel Pro Insecticide
  • Improved water-based suspension formulation free from solvents
  • Low odour and staining potential due to no solvents present in formulation
  • Greatly improved plant safety, ideal for use on fine cut turf surfaces such as golf and bowling greens
  • Economical form of insect control
  • Extremely broad spectrum over a wide range of pest species
  • Excellent UV stability – enhances residual performance
  • Contains an in-built surfactant – no additional adjuvant is required
  • Good tank mix flexibility – suitable for mixing with a range of other plant protection products
Brand: Amgrow
Group 3A Insecticide
Product Form:
Liquid (Suspension Concentrate)
Pest: African Black Beetle, Argentine Stem Weevil, Billbug, Funnel Ant, Lawn Armyworm, Sod Webworm
Application Rate: 1.2-4.4 L per ha
Active Ingredient: 100g/L Bifenthrin
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