Waldo Miticide contains the active constituent Diafenthiuron which exhibits trans-laminar movement through the leaf and fumigant (vapour) activity to target couch mites where they hide, resulting in immediate paralysis after contact or ingestion.

Waldo Miticide penetrates the leaf tissue where it allows control of couchgrass mites in the turf canopy and on the underside of the leaves when they feed (including hidden mites deep in the turf canopy). This provides extended residual control of mites. It is taken up by mites feeding on both the upper and lower surfaces of leaves and remains in the leaves for several weeks offering residual control of sucking mites.

Waldo Miticide helps control couch mites on the lower leaf surface in dense turf canopies which are not sprayed directly with the product. Shortly after exposure, the pest stops feeding, becomes irreversibly paralysed and there is no further damage to the plants.

Key benefits of Waldo Miticide
  • Strong contact, translaminar and fumigant (vapour) activity resulting in immediate paralysis after contact or ingestion
  • Fumigant (vapour) activity targets the pests where they hide – i.e. pests on the underside of leaves not directly contacted are vulnerable to vapour action
  • Leaf penetration to form a reservoir inside the young foliage
  • Extended control of couch mites from a single early season application
  • Long residual period of control
  • A novel mode of action
  • Movement into the leaf for rainfast protection
  • Effective against all mite leaf feeding stages (controlling nymphs and adults)
  • Some ovicidal action (eggs)
  • Mite feeding and mobility inhibited immediately, mites become irreversibly paralysed.
  • Ideal rotation partner with Thumper Insecticide
Brand: Turf Culture
Group 12A Insecticide
Mobility Type:
Translaminar, Contact, Ingestion, Residual
Product Form:
Liquid (Suspension Concentrate)
Pest: Couch Mite
Application Rate: 5mL per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 500g/L Diafenthiuron
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