SumiRain is a high output compact watering unit designed for commercial applications. SumiRain achieves better results with less hassles. There are two types of SumiRain - SumiRain 40 and SumiRain 50.

Key features and benefits of the SumiRain
  • Higher pressures - SumiRain is made out of a tougher plastic to handle higher pressures
  • Softer droplet - Eliminates problems experienced with other larger commercial watering systems such as run off and soil compaction whilst applying a solid ground soakage
  • Wide width and coverage - The SumiRain 50 covers an area of up to 2,000m² with a width of 20m. The SumiRain 40 covers an area of up to 1,600m² with a width of 16m
  • Easy to transport - SumiRain is wound up on a steel wheel which is mounted on a metal wheel barrow style winder
  • Variable length - Using the unique sliding stopper
  • Make it rain The SumiRain 50 has an output equivalent to 18mm of rain per hour while the SumiRain 40 has an output equivalent to rainfall of 9.8mm per hour

The superior watering ability of the SumiRain makes it ideal for:

  • Sporting grounds
  • Small seed germination
  • Turf farms
  • Golf courses
  • Developers
  • Pasture establishment and management
  • Equine facilities such as horse studs
Brand: Sumi Soaker


SumiRain 40

SumiRain 50




 Maximum Recommended Operating Pressure**:

250kpa (2.5kg/cm²), 36psi

250kpa (2.5kg/cm²), 36psi

Required Flow Rate per Metre:

2.6litres per metre of hose per minute

6 litres per metre of hose per minute

Required flow rate/50m

130 litres per minute

300 litres per minute

Required flow rate/100m

260 litres per minute

600 litres per minute

Coverage at Optimum Pressure and Flow Rate:


(8m either side of hose)


10m either side of hose)

Water Application Rate (at max. pressure and

max. flow rate):

9.8mm per hour

18mm per hour

Dimensions and Weight:

40mm diameter / weight

50mm diameter / weight


Coverage Area:

Rectangular. Up to 1,600m² (20m wide x 100m long)

Rectangular. Up to 2,000m² (20m wide x 100m long)

Hose Connection:

Supplied fitted to 40mm (1 1/2”) male fitting

Supplied fitted to 50mm (2”) male fitting

Operating Length:

Adjustable operating length using sliding stopper.

Max. 100m

Adjustable operating length using sliding stopper.

Max. 100m

Tube Width (Flat):



Tube Diameter (Inflated):



Number of Holes:

6 holes / 310mm of tube

4 holes/320mm of tube


Special black polyethylene

Special black polyethylene




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