Noculate Complete is a biologically boosted greens grade fertiliser designed to address both biological and chemical needs of soil nutrition.

What is the Noculate range?

Noculate is Nuturf’s biologically enhanced fertilisers utilising a unique ,technology-driven production process. Each individual formulation benefits from the addition of a select consortium of highly beneficial soil microorganisms. These microscopic wonders have the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen and solubilise minerals in the soil profile, both of which facilitate the never-ending quest by plants to sequester nutrition.

What are the key features of the Noculate range?
  • High quality NPK nutrient delivery
  • Freeze-dried technology for microbial population
  • Solubilise locked soil nutrients
  • Improved nitrogen cycling
  • Improved root systems: root hairs and branching
  • Improve soil health
  • Rejuvenate soils which have been treated with pesticides
  • Reduce disease activity
  • Improved soil nutrient availability and nutrient uptake
  • Contains Humic Acid and Wetting agent
  • Small granule under 100 SGN allows year-round use on greens
Brand: Brandt
Product Form:
Analysis: 17% N, 1% P, 14% K
Application Rate: 2-4kg per 100m²
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