Garlon 600 herbicide provides post-emergent control of a wide range of woody and noxious weeds using a variety of application techniques.

Garlon 600 Herbicide has a label registration for a wide range of problem woody weeds in the Australian environment including, but not limited to, eucalypts, gorse, boxthorn, acacia, camphor laurel, prickly pear, groundsel bush, brigalow, privet, rubber vine, paperbark tea tree, lantana and blackberry.

Garlon 600 Herbicide can be applied through high volume spray equipment, controlled droplet applicators, low volume equipment, knapsack sprayers and by using a cut stump or basal bark application method.

Key features and benefits of Garlon 600 Herbicide
  • Low cost compared to other herbicide applications making it a viable alternative in many situations.
  • Broad spectrum of plants controlled by Garlon 600 makes it an effective herbicide for treatments where a complete knockdown is required.
  • High compatibility with selected other herbicides including glyphosate and starane, see label for details.
  • Garlon 600 is a member of the pyridines group of herbicides. The product has the disrupters of plant cell growth mode of action. For weed resistance management the product is a group I herbicide.
Group I Herbicide
Product Form:
Liquid (Emulsifiable Concentrate)
Weed: Blackberry Nightshade, Capeweed, Saffron Thistle, African Boxthorn
Application Rate: 80mL-3L per 100L water
Active Ingredient: 600g/L Triclopyr
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