Stomp® Xtra Herbicide is a selective pre-emergent herbicide for the control of most annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds. Offering unmatched control of Crowsfoot, Summer grass and winter grass in various turf situations, Stomp Xtra is essential for inclusion in your weed control program.

Stomp® Xtra is an advanced, low-staining formulation of pendimethalin, a well-established and widely used pre-emergent herbicide. With less volatility and a higher concentration than the original herbicide, Stomp Xtra is one of the most efficient and convenient formulations available.

Stomp Xtra controls weeds by inhibiting seedling development; it will not control established weeds. For best results, seedbeds should be free of weeds, trash and clods at the time of application.

Key features and benefits of Stomp Xtra Herbicide
  • Unmatched pre-emergent control crowsfoot (crabgrass), summer grass and winter grass in a liquid formulation
  • Micro-encapsulation greatly reduces the risk of staining compared to standard pendimethalin formulations
  • Virtually no odour
  • Low volatility enabled by a unique capsule formulation allows long incorporation windows for surface application compared to non-encapsulated formulations
  • Concentrated formulation reduces application rates and simplifies transport, storage and handling
Brand: BASF
Group D Herbicide
Product Form:
Liquid (capsule suspension)
Weed: Ryegrass, Summer Grass, Wintergrass, Wireweed
Active Ingredient: 455g/L Pendimethalin
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