Transact Pro is a premium locally systemic, broad spectrum fungicide containing 250 g/L of active ingredient Iprodione.

Transact Pro Fungicide contains a unique adjuvant package for improved coverage, plant uptake and residual performance. A unique green pigment in the formulation enhances turf colour and improves turf health for optimised disease recovery.

Key features of Transact Pro Fungicide
  • Premium formulation with an improved adjuvant package. Offers superior sticking ability, coverage and extended residual performance when compared to other formulations
  • Broad spectrum disease control. Offers exceptional control of major turfgrass diseases both inside and outside the plant
  • Green pigment in formulation enhances turf colour, acts as a spray indicator and maximises plant health and recovery from disease infection, particularly in slower growth periods
  • Rapid disease knockdown – faster turf recovery, reducing scaring potential
  • Formulated and developed in Australia to meet local requirements
Brand: Amgrow
Preventative, Curative
Group 2 Fungicide
Mobility Type:
Product Form:
Liquid (Suspension Concentrate)
Broad Spectrum
Disease: Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Fusarium Patch, Spring Dead Spot, Helminthosporium Disease
Application Rate: 90-180mL per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 250g/L Iprodione
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