Calrite is a premium soil calcium amendment uniquely formulated for professional turf.

Nuturf’s Calrite Soil Calcium Amendment is produced from the highest purity alluvial calcium deposit in the world. The raw material mined from this deposit is refined into a greens grade flowable particle of a predetermined size and density which is designed to deliver a uniform release of calcium over time.

The product is further processed to remove excess dust and ensure a consistent particle throughout the bag. The result is a high analysis calcium amendment that maintains adequate soil calcium levels like no other professional turf product.

Key features and benefits of Calrite Soil Calcium Amendment
  • Nuturf CalRite has a very high analysis of 39% Calcium
  • The predetermined size and density of the CalRite particle is proven to provide optimum calcium release characteristics for turf requirements
  • The unique molecular structure of the CalRite particle is held in the soil profile, metering the release of calcium into the root-zone over time to maintain stable soil calcium levels
  • Adequate soil calcium levels are maintained in low CEC soils when using Nuturf CalRite. It is difficult to achieve this using other calcium sources including prilled or liquid lime and gypsum products due to their vulnerability to leaching
  • Nuturf CalRite is the most pure and consistent granular calcium amendment available, suitable for use on greens and high cut turf
Brand: Nuturf
Product Form:
Analysis: 39% Ca
Application Rate: 500-1000 kg per ha
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