Monstar SC Fungicide provides superior control of Fairy Ring in turf and lawn

How does Monstar SC Fungicide work?

Monstar bring a new resistance group to the turf industry. Monstar is a Group 7 Fungicide. Also known as the SDHI class. Monstar works on the disease by stopping the fungi from producing energy following infection hence the fungi cannot grow and reproduce. Monstar is a locally systemic fungicide.

How to use Monstar SC Fungicide
  • Apply Monstar with a good soil wetting agent
  • Irrigate turf before application
  • Aerify or spike area to be treated.
  • Apply Monstar as per permit rates up to 200mL per 100m2 . Apply with 400L water per hectare and water in to affected area 5mm irrigation - however do not puddle up the area get Monstar to the target area).
  • A follow up second application may be needed 2-4 weeks later if needed

Recovery can take time after an application. Monstar kills the fungi but the profile is still hydrophobic and until this is cured the turf cannot recover fully. Hand watering areas with wetting agent tablets can also aid in recovery. Monitor soil moisture levels with a moisture meter as areas infected can retain less mositure than healthy areas. Full recovery can take time especially from type 2 rings as the nitrogen to deplete.

Preventative sprays - Minimal work has been done as fairy ring may not appear in the same area or at all each year. However if fairy ring is a chronic problem map your area with symptoms and timings. Apply Monstar and wetting agent in these areas to prevent fairy ring using this information.

Brand: Campbell
Group 7 Fungicide
Product Form:
Liquid (Suspension Concentrate)
Disease: Fairy Ring
Application Rate: 150-200mL/100m2
Active Ingredient: 464 g/L Flutolanil
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