TaserPRO 800 WP is a residual broad spectrum non-repellent spray for the control of a wide range of insect pests in domestic, farm, agricultural, industrial, commercial and public service buildings, including black beetle and earthworms in various turf situations as directed.

Once mixed in the tank, TaserPRO is a non-scheduled poison making it very versatile in its use pattern.

TaserPRO can be applied to any surface which is not damaged by water alone. TaserPRO will remain active for many weeks at the normal rate and greater residuality will be achieved at the special rate.

The residual life of the deposit will vary depending upon the cleanliness and nature of the surface to which it is applied. Therefore re-treat as necessary. TaserPRO treated premises can be re-occupied by children, pets and other animals once the sprayed surfaces are dry.

TaserPRO is odourless which makes it ideal for use in sensitive areas where strong odours may cause problems.

Key features and benefits of Taser PRO 800 WP Insecticide
  • Non Repellent formulation - Insects won't know what hit them does not repel or excite until it's too late
  • Excellent against wasps, ants, fleas and bed bugs
  • Once added to water, it has no classification – Safe to use in a variety of situations
  • Provides prolonged, residual insecticidal activity
  • Broadest label claims of all non-repellent products – One product does the lot - saves on time and money
  • Wettable powder formulation - Contains no oil or solvent to damage surfaces
  • TaserPRO has long lasting activity (photostable) – Long residual control for peace of mind
  • TaserPRO is biodegradable – Low risk of environmental contamination
  • Carbamate active ingredient bendiocarb for resistance management – Excellent rotation product to conquer resistant populations of pests
Brand: Sundew
Group 1A Insecticide
Mobility Type:
Product Form:
Pest: African Black Beetle
Application Rate: 18g per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 800g/kg Bendiocarb
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