The Airrow Verticutter is the smallest in the Graden line. It has a front-mounted cutting reel to reach into tight spaces. This, along with the optional debris catcher, sets it apart from its slightly bigger brother the GS04.

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Brand: Graden
Engine Honda 5.5hp – GX200 unleaded petrol
Drive Hydrostatic forward, variable speed
Wheels Front 125mm x 36 solid rubber
Wheels Rear 13 x 5-6 tube type
Cutting Depth Variable from 0 to 1” (26 mm)
Cutting Width 15” (380 mm)
Width 26.5” (670 mm)
Length 52” (1320 mm)
Height 39.5” (1000 mm)
Weight 220 lbs (100 kg)


  • Standard blade width and spacing
  • 15 x 3/64” (1mm) blades at 1” (26 mm) spacing
  • Tempered steel blades with 8 tungsten tips per blade
  • Blades fitted in reverse rotation to slice cleanly through the turf
  • Deep scalloped design to prevent blades from becoming clogged


  • Blade widths 5/64” (2mm)
  • Variable blade spacing
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