ProPEAT Greens 17-0-3 Fertiliser is a natural carbon-based, extended-release fertiliser that bonds nutrients to carbon found in naturally occurring peat moss. This fertiliser contains 17% N, 0% P, 3% K and 17% S with an SGN of 100.

ProPEAT encourages slower, consistent growth to encourage:

  • Dense, healthy turf
  • Decreased thatch
  • Consistent, deep green colouration for improved turf appearance
  • Healthier turf with less disease
  • Less watering and mowing
  • Increased horizontal growth
  • Improved root systems
  • Lower burn risk

ProPEAT Greens Fertiliser is available in a 20kg bag with a recommended application rate of 200-300kg per hectare.

Key features of ProPEAT Greens 17-0-3 Fertiliser
  • Smarter plant growth: ProPEAT natural carbon-based fertiliser is an extended release fertiliser that bonds nutrients to carbon found in naturally occurring peat moss. Mineral fertilisers can release excess amounts of nutrients that can be lost to leaching. ProPEAT natural carbon based fertiliser complexes nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and other micronutrients to the carbon which prevents nutrient losses to the environment.
  • Natural and eco-friendly: ProPEAT natural carbon based fertiliser minimises leaching by binding nutrients to naturally occuring carbon. That’s good for plants, good for business, and good for the environment.
  • Build your soil: The success behind ProPEAT natural fertiliser is the use of carbon. Each homogenous granule contains a balanced mix of nutrients, these granules break up evenly in the soil. Bound by carbon the nutrients are absorbed by the plant roots as required to sustain even plant growth.
  • Water smart: ProPEAT natural carbon based fertiliser is uniquely beneficial in both wet and dry climates, helping reduce the amount of water lost through irrigation.
  • Spreads clean: ProPEAT natural carbon-based fertiliser doesn't clump or clog during application, ensuring hassle-free, even distribution.
What are the benefits of peat moss in ProPEAT Fertiliser?
  • It improves soil structure, increases water retention in light sandy soils and helps to reduce the leaching of nutrients. Peat moss can retain up to 20 times its weight in water.
  • It aerates and improves drainage of heavy clay soils, allowing roots to breath, grow and better absorb nutrients.
  • It improves Soil Buffering capacity because peat moss is highly tolerant to pH variations.
  • It improves the cation exchange capacity (CEC) that helps to retain minerals, releasing them over time and preventing the leaching of fertilisers.
  • It is a natural resource free of weeds and pollutants.
  • Peat moss allows plants to grow in aerated and well‐structured soil, guaranteeing healthy vigorous plants.
  • Adds valuable Organic Matter with many beneficial microorganisms.

Peat stimulates plant growth and root development by improving the structure of the growing media. It also increases soil buffering capacity and prevents the leaching of fertiliser nutrients. Peat has the ability to loosen clay soils and to improve their porosity making it a choice ingredient in soils.

ProPEAT has 0.5% available Humic Acid at time of application, as the peat breaks down over time additional humic acid is released.

Brand: ProPeat
Product Form:
Analysis: 17% N, 0% P, 3% K and 17% S
Application Rate: 200-300kg per hectare
Particle Size: SGN 100
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