Hasten Spray Adjuvant is a unique spray adjuvant that has been designed to improve the efficacy of a wide range of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and defoliants. Hasten Spray Adjuvant is an esterified oil-based product with non-ionic surfactants that is suitable for use with chemicals where oil-based adjuvants are specified on the label.

Key features and benefits of Hasten Spray Adjuvant
  • Increases penetration through waxy cuticles.
  • Increases wetting and spreading of spray droplets.
  • Reduces spray droplet evaporation rates.
  • Proven cost-effective performance for over 10 years with a wide range of agricultural products.
  • Excellent plant and insect penetrating and wetting properties.
  • An internationally recognised brand and reputation for reliability.
  • Renewable material – Vegetable oil – as its base raw material.
  • A high-quality formulation providing easy dispersion and stable emulsion characteristics, and International Patents granted and pending.
How does Hasten Spray Adjuvant work?

When Hasten is mixed with agricultural products and applied in the field, the non-ionic surfactants help to retain and improve the contact of the spray droplet on the plant or insect surface. The esterified oil is an excellent penetrating agent through waxy surfaces such as those of plants and insects thereby assisting the performance of the agricultural product. It is this dual action that makes Hasten a very effective spray adjuvant.

How does Hasten compare to other spray adjuvants?

Hasten is different to competitor comparable products because the active ingredient is a different class of oil known as esterified vegetable oil. In combination with a proprietary blend of non-ionic surfactants, Hasten is also unique because the esterified oil is based on an ethyl ester in contrast with other commercial products that contain predominantly methyl esters.

Brand: VIC Chemicals
Active Ingredient: 704 g/L Ethyl and Methyl Esters of Vegetable Oil with 196 g/L Non-ionic Surfactants
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