Biostim is a 100% natural biological stimulant made of a chemical-free blend of 23 vitamins, catalysing enzymes, and biological species specially selected to provide exponential activity levels of beneficial bacteria. These “good” (aerobic/oxygen-loving) bacteria actively produce enzymes, speeding up the breakdown of organic waste and degrading sludge to clarify water. This reduces the amount of food available for the things you don’t want to grow. 

Ideal for water requiring a high amount of treatment (e.g. wastewater) and large waterbodies (>3 acres).

How Biostim Water Treatment Powder Clears Sludge from Water

These “good” microbes, provided by Biostim Powder, feed on organic material (aka the food source of algae and weeds) and draw nutrients directly from your water. Reducing the overall nutrient levels in your dam, the bacteria eventually starve out pests like algae and weeds.

Biostim Powder can also clear water of organic material, i.e. the cloudiness in water from microorganisms and decaying organic material. This is not to be confused with muddiness from inorganic material; Biostim Powder does not clear muddy water.  

Key benefits of Biostim Water Treatment Powder
  • Target specific areas: You can use Biostim Powder to control sludge in the entire water body, or in specific area, such as around irrigation suction pipes, under aquaculture cages, or in swimming areas.
  • Reduce odour: Biostim Powder also helps reduce odour because the “good” bacteria outcompete “bad” (anaerobic/oxygen-hating) bacteria that produce nasty, smelly chemicals like methane and hydrogen sulphide.
  • Non-toxic, chemical-free: Biostim Powder is a 100% natural product that contains no harsh chemicals. This means it will not harm fish, birds, pets, or people.

Apply Biostim to your dam to promote beneficial microbes that actively produce enzymes, speeding up the breakdown of organic waste and degrading sludge.

How to apply Biostim Water Treatment Powder

To apply Biostim Powder, simply toss the water-soluble sachet the product is supplied in into your water body at various locations and/or near an aerator. Benefits are usually seen after just a couple of weeks with sludge/organic matter being the most significantly reduced over the course of summer when bacteria are most active. Problem areas can be treated heavily without having to treat the entire water body. Biostim Powder is safe to use at higher doses.

Dose Rates 

The following dose rates are guidelines that may need to be increased or decreased according to your individual conditions. Results will depend on factors such as sludge composition, water temperature, and water movement (circulated, aerated water provides best results). 

It’s recommended you treat your water, monitor the results, and adjust your dose rate based on these results. 

Initial Dose 

1.5kg per surface acre of water for 3 months.

Maintenance Dose 

0.5kg per month per surface acre of water.

This can be adjusted based on individual results. Note: Biostim Powder can be dosed at higher rates when required but care should be taken to ensure adequate aeration in fish ponds.

Weed: Algae
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