The 3' Smooth Roll is for putting greens.

The SMOOTH ROLL system has been engineered to give the ultimate finish. The delicate balance of the Three Roller System combined with Smooth Roll’s unique patented transmission delivers a more positive result. 

Smooth Roll has been assisting green keepers to achieve the desired green speeds for over a decade. Many discerning green keepers have claimed that Smooth Roll has the correct combination that keeps it ahead of other rollers in the market place, on all species of natural turf.

SMOOTH ROLL transportation trolley picks up Smooth Roll in a side action. This allows Smooth Roll to be transported through narrow paths and doorways with minimal fuss. No clips or bolts are needed. Just roll the transporter under the lifting lugs, push down and Smooth Roll is off the ground and ready to be transported to the green or storage area.

SMOOTH ROLL glides over the green, thus applying a polished finish to all surfaces. It irons out all lumps and bumps, footprints etc, and leaves a smooth flat surface in minutes. In most cases mower settings do not have to be low to achieve the required green speed. Smooth Roll saves you time and money.

Key features of the Smoothroll Roller 3ft
  • Honda 5.5hp (Gx160) With Oil Cut Off Switch
  • Fully Adjustable Integrated Transmission System
  • 2 Steering and 1 Drive Rollers
  • Touch Direction Control
  • Heavy Duty Low Maintenance / Cast Iron Clutches & Pulleys
  • Bonded Linings
  • Clutches, Belts, and Chains Fully Adjustable
  • Adjustable All Weather Vinyl Seat
  • Weight 220kg
  • Safety Cut-Out Switch
  • Powder Coated Epoxy
  • Steering: Side action “Z” pattern. Side Movement: Foot pedal
  • Breaking: Alternative Foot pedal. Speed: Variable
  • All Steel construction
Key features of the Transport Trailer
  • Non Slip Rubber Strips For Easy Loading And Unloading.
  • Snap On Quick Release Coupling.
  • Fully Enclosed Sides – can be used for carting other materials.
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