AmendMAX pHantom Water Treatment is a multi-purpose irrigation aide intended as a one-time system flush for irrigation systems fouled by mineral deposits caused by hard water, and as an acidifying agent for high pH water.

Uses for AmendMAX pHantom Water Treatment
  • Water and soil acidifier
  • Unblocks irrigation tubes and irrigation systems
  • It neutralizes the irrigation water bicarbonates, as well as lowering its pH, thus permitting greate rnutrient-absorption by the plants and greater fertilisation effectiveness.

It also improves the soil structure, removing sodium from the horizontal surfaces and reducing electrical conductivity, thus encouraging better root growth.

Irrigation System Flush

AmendMAX pHantom Water Treatment can be used as a one time system flush for irrigation systems fouled by mineral deposits caused by hard water.

Rates vary for each situation so consult your Nuturf Territory Manager or supplier for appropriate dosage for your system.

Irrigation Water Treatment 

AmendMAX pHantom Water Treatment is suitable to treat water from a variety of sources including bore water, effluent water river and lake water.

The required application rate will be determined from irrigation water analysis; however, the usual application rate will range from 100-200L per megalitre of irrigation water.

It is recommended that AmendMAX pHantom Water Treatment be dosed through a chemical injection system.

Brand: AmendMAX
Product Form:
Application Rate: Refer to label
Active Ingredient: 1000g/L monocarbamide dihydrogensulfate
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