QUALIBRA® Soil Wetting Agent, is a new generation wetting agent designed to provide Turf Managers with increased flexibility when managing soil moisture levels in turf and landscape situations. Qualibra is 100% wetting agent; with no water added. Qualibra is a blend of proprietary non-ionic surfactants selected to move water into the soil profile, whilst improving water retention capabilities, ensuring continuing re-wetting for improved plant health. Working in combination, Qualibra can be used in either curative or preventative situations – distributing water deeper and evenly in the profile to prevent and cure dry patch concerns, whilst assisting in root and overall plant health.

Key features of Qualibra Soil Wetting Agent:
  • 100% blend of proprietary non-ionic surfactants; with no water added
  • maintains firmer surfaces
  • encourages healthier, deeper root mass
  • recovers turf faster from periods of stress
  • increases water availability
  • reduces plant stress
  • reduces effects of drought conditions
  • prevents dry patch occurring
  • improves turf colour and quality
How Qualibra Soil Wetting Agent works:

Water quickly moves away from the surface and is held evenly at a greater depth within the root zone. This dynamic wetting agent provides two-way action; it penetrates and holds moisture deeper and more effectively. Delivering superior turf health and quality.

Qualibra combines the strengths of penetrants and polymers to ensure water movement from the surface, as well as water retention in the soil profile, resulting in moisture distributed evenly and deeper.

Qualibra Wetting Agent Class

QUALIBRA® has been extensively tested at leading independent universities and research facilities globally. The flexible rates of QUALIBRA® makes it easy to include in agronomic programs, helping you to provide the very best in either turf surfaces or ornamental situations. The ongoing formulation development by Syngenta now offers a scientifically proven solution for soil moisture management as part of your ongoing programs.

Brand: Syngenta
Preventative, Curative
Product Form:
Application Rate: 10 – 20 L/ha
Surface Type: All turf surfaces, Greens, Fairways, Racetrack, Sportsfields
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