Spray Grade Ammonium Sulphate Herbicide Adjuvant contains a 98% technical grade ammonium sulphate formulation specifically developed for improving spray tank herbicide solution performance under a range of environmental conditions. AMOS Spray Grade Herbicide Adjuvant is recommended for use with Glyphosate and flowable herbicides that are non-selective.

Spray Grade Ammonium Sulphate Herbicide Adjuvant is used with glyphosate based herbicides to minimise antagonism when tank mixing with flowable herbicides and to improve performance under adverse environmental conditions.

Key benefits of Spray Grade Ammonium Sulphate Herbicide Adjuvant
  • Conditions poor quality water to a higher standard
  • Neutralises water alkalinity and carbonates through the acidifying/buffering action
  • Prevents alkaline hydrolysis (pre-mature breakdown) of expensive chemicals
  • Improves penetration of herbicides into plants
  • Results in higher weed mortality when used with Glyphosate based and flowable herbicides
  • Improves compatibility of Glyphosate/Trifluralin and Glyphosate/Triazine based herbicides
  • Extremely cost effective herbicide spray solution adjuvant.
Product Form:
Crystalline Solid
Application Rate: 800g per 100L water
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