Remain is a residual surfactant blend specifically developed to relieve and prevent problems associated with hydrophobic soils in most turf applications. Remain Wetting Agent assists in water management by improving water penetration and retention, enhancing overall plant vigour by limiting periods of water stress.

The Surfactant within Remain is a 100% non-ionic surfactant formulation which possesses low burn and residual properties to help alleviate and prevent problems associated with localised dry spot (LDS) in excess of an 8 week period.

Remain Wetting Agent works best when applied early in the season prior to moisture stress. However, it can be used curatively to relieve plant stress due to hydrophobic soils at any time during the year.

Key benefits of Remain Wetting Agent
  • 100% surfactant formulation
  • Cost effective for large scale application
  • Low burn formulation
  • Suitable for use in greens, sportsfields, fairways, open spaces and amenity situations
  • Residual activity in excess of 8 weeks when applied at the higher application rates
  • Improves water usage by improving water penetration and retention
  • Reduces irrigation requirements by increasing the rate and depth of water penetration
  • Available in 20L, 200L & 1,000L pack sizes
  • Manufactured and developed in Australia for Australian conditions
Brand: Amgrow
Product Form:
Application Rate: 100-500mL per 100m2
Active Ingredient: 100% blend of proprietary surfactants
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