Stamina G is an easy to spread granular formulation of Stamina 90, providing excellent residual wetting performance and prevention of localised dry spot.

Stamina G is specifically for use in higher cut turf situations such as sportsfields, parks, fairways, racetracks and turf farms.

The granular formulation provides a great option of application for users who don’t have boom sprayers available, in areas where boom spray application is not safe, at renovation or in the turf establishment phase when limitations of heavy vehicles movement is apparent or in new garden bed plantings.

Key benefits of Stamina G
  • Proven performance backed by Nuturf and BASF
  • Excellent residual performance.
  • Improves water usage by improving water penetration and retention.
  • Reduces irrigation requirements by increasing the rate and depth of water penetration.
  • Non burn formulation – even in high temperatures.
  • Effective in both sand and heavier soil profiles.
  • Manufactured and developed in Australia for Australian conditions.
Key features of Stamina G
  • Formulation: 20% granular surfactant on a Zeolite carrier
  • Granule size: 1-2mm
  • CEC Level: 72meq/110g
  • Uses: Long term prevention and control of dry patch
  • Rate: 125-150kg/ha
  • Residual performance: Several months
  • Non-burn formulation
The Unique Molecule in Stamina G

The molecule in Stamina G is a heavy molecular weighted material. It is a EO/PO block co-polymer, which is a nonionic surfactant containing ethylene oxide and propylene oxide units. EO/PO block copolymers allow for efficient wetting because the water hating end of the chemical attaches itself to the water repellent sand by physical adsorption, providing an anchor which allows the more water soluble end to extend into the aqueous phase to draw water to the soil’s surface.

The large nature of the molecule, is what gives Stamina G its residual performance. Microbial decomposition takes several months, due to the complexity of its molecular make up.

Brand: Stamina
Australian Made:
Product Form:
Application Rate: 1.25-2.5kg per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 20% active non-ionic wetting agent on zeolite carrier
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