The Groundsman TMC48 Pedestrian Turf Multi-cutter 4WD is the same machine as the TMC46 but with a heavier more powerful engine and drive clutch. The larger engine makes the TMC48 slightly less compact and a little heavier than the TMC46 but the extra power enables it to operate the TCGCO Guillotine attachment fitted with blades up to 60cm (24") wide.

The Groundsman TC4GCO guillotine attachment is an optional accessory to measure and chop the sod into lengths for easy handling and for relaying. A pipe reel insertion attachment is also available to bury pipe up to 24mm diameter down to 10cm deep. A caster rear wheel frame incorporating a gas spring assited lift to raise and hold the machine out of work is supplied with the Guillotine and Pipe Reel Attachments.

The Groundsman TMC48 Pedestrian Turf Multi-cutter 4WD has the same performance and operator comfort as the TMC46 setting it apart from any other Turf Sod Cutter.

Key features of the Groundsman TMC48 Pedestrian Turf Multi-cutter 4WD
  • Long service life with very low maintenance requirements
  • Simple and easy to operate with low hand-arm vibration levels
  • Large diameter four wheel drive for exceptional traction
  • Oil bath worm-gear and chain engaging double axle ground drive
  • Flat syncro-belt blade drive for quiet, smooth cutter drive
  • Fine precision cutting with consistent depth even on rolling terrain
  • Adjustable blade settings for fine and rough cutting conditions
  • Well balanced for easy operating and low fatigue
  • Rear mounted interchangeable blades for 30cm(12"), 35cm(14"), 40cm(16"), 45cm(18"), 50cm (20") and 60cm (24") cuts
  • De-compact, Trench and Mole Drain to 15cm(6") deep.


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