TurfClear is a concentrated soil conditioner that contains a revolutionary blend of patented surfactants and biocides that bind to sand and soil particles within the root zone. This optimises free water movement within the root zone, and polymerisation of the surfactant compounds creates a web of chain-like structures that assist in water retention and soil stability, particularly in sandy soils.

  • Active Ingredient: 80% Proprietary Surfactants
  • Application Rate: 4L/ha
  • Activity: Multi-faceted soil activity
Key features and benefits of TurfClear
  • Revolutionary new surfactant blend developed by Arcis Biosciences, a leading biotech group in the UK.
  • Unique surfactant compounds polymerise in the root zone to stabilise sandy soils.
  • Dual action molecule binds to sand particles and enhances free movement of capillary water.
  • Safe for humans and the environment – entirely biodegradable.
  • Excellent safety on all common turf species found in Australia when used at label rates.
  • Highly tank mix flexible.
  • Quality product manufactured in the UK
TurfClear's Novel Blend of Materials

TurfClear contains a blend of unique surfactant molecules that work in synergy to enhance the efficiency of water movement within the soil profile and polymerise within the root zone to stabilise the structure of sandy soils. The SiQuat portion of the surfactant blend features two distinct parts:

  • Trimethoxysilyl head that binds to the soil particle and possesses an unusually strong covelant bond that binds to sand particles for up to 14 days.
  • Quaternary ammonium tail that enhances the surface area of the soil particle to retain more moisture within the rhizosphere (root / soil interface).
Brand: Amgrow
Application Rate: 4L/ha
Active Ingredient: 80% Proprietary Surfactants
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