Smart Start is a unique formulation which provides the best possible start to trees, potted plants and turf. The formulation consists of proven eco-fertilisers (Nutri-Smart) Organic Complex + Methylene Urea for extended slow release feeding and water storage crystals (Aquasorb).

Smart Start Eco Fertiliser is an ideal pre-planting/transplanting supplement for plants and turf. Once incorporated into the soil or potting medium and irrigated, Smart Start immediately goes to work by holding water and nutrients in the root zone for optimal absorption, enhancing establishment and growth.

Key benefits of Smart Start Eco Fertiliser
  • Reduces transplant losses
  • Increases the Water Holding Capacity of soil for up to 5 years. Irrigation frequency may be reduced by up to 50%
  • Increases root mass of plants for better stress tolerance / disease resistance and nutrient utilisation
  • Increases shoot density of plants
  • Increased soil microbial activity for enhanced organic matter breakdown and nutrient cycling
  • Improves the physical properties of compact soils through aeration aiding in better soil structure
  • Protects the environment from leaching and decreases total fertiliser output by 15-30%
Brand: Nuturf
Product Form:
Analysis: 12% N, 1.2% P, 2.8% K, 7.5% S, 3.8% Ca, 1% Mg
Application Rate: Turf: 5kg per 100m², 25g per plant or 25g per 5L potting mix
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