Poly Smart Cool season fertiliser has been designed for use on cool season grasses through the highs and lows of seasonal shifts. The higher potassium to nitrogen ratio of Poly Smart Cool is desirable at these periods to ensure cell turgidity and wear tolerance.

Key Benefits of Poly Smart Cool Season Fertiliser
  • Less nitrogen lost to the environment through leaching and volatilisation
  • Maintains consistent growth habit and reduces mowing frequency, clippings and pest problems
  • Enhanced soil microbe activity through humate application resulting in healthier soil and plants
  • Humates provide organic acids that act as organic complexing agents enhancing the uptake and utilisation of plant nutrients
  • Improves water and nutrient holding within the soil
Brand: Poly Smart
Product Form:
Analysis: 8.2% N, 0.8% P, 17% K, 10.6% S, 2.4% Ca, 0.2% Mg, 3% Fe, 2.2% Mn
Application Rate: 3 kg per 100m²
Particle Size: SGN 350
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